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Gymnastics Pregnant

Exercise is one way to keep the body healthy and fit. However, the level and type of exercise that is done must be adapted to the physical changes. Especially, when you are pregnant. Pregnant women sport certainly not the same as exercise ordinary people do. One of the safest sports are gymnastics pregnant.

Gymnastics Pregnant

You must have often heard the term pregnancy exercise. However, did you know about the practice of pregnancy exercise and its benefits? Pregnancy exercise is a special type of exercise for pregnant women. Pregnancy exercise conducted as preparation for childbirth.

How that is done in the pregnancy exercise is to train the breathing techniques, posture, and exercise some muscles that will be useful when childbirth. Thus, pregnant women are expected to have physical and mental readiness. Normally, pregnancy exercise done during the third trimester of pregnancy or during pregnancy, around 28-30 weeks old.

Benefits of Gymnastics Pregnant

Pregnancy exercise do not solely benefit obligation minimal. There are so many benefits of pregnancy exercise for smooth delivery, in addition to making the body healthy and fit pregnancy. The following are some of the benefits of pregnancy exercise.

1. Breathing techniques to train

Well trained breathing technique is very useful for getting oxygen so that pregnant women are ready to face delivery smoothly.

2. Strengthen Muscle Spasticity

Pregnancy exercise is useful to maintain and strengthen the elasticity of muscles in the abdominal wall so that pregnant women be free from pain buttocks, lower abdominal pain, and painful hemorrhoids.

3. Reduce Complaints

In pregnancy exercise, posture training techniques taught. Train the body posture during pregnancy can reduce complaints due to changes in body shape.

4. Train Relaxation

Relaxation process will go perfectly with the contraction and relaxation exercises are needed to cope with the pain and tension when childbirth.

5. Avoiding Difficulties

Pregnancy exercise is very useful to aid delivery for pregnant women to give birth without any difficulty. In addition, pregnancy exercise can maintain the health of mother and baby after delivery and birth.

Gymnastics places Pregnant

Almost all hospitals providing maternity pregnancy exercise class. When pregnant, you should have done a survey and determine the hospitals that will be used during childbirth. After determining the hospital, you are ready to follow pregnancy exercise classes.

However, if the hospital is chosen too far from where you live, pregnancy exercise can be done at home. Doing pregnancy exercise at home is certainly better than you have to commute to a distant hospital to follow pregnancy exercise. However, pregnancy exercise at home should be carried out regularly in a state of calm and wear loose clothing.

Gymnastics Pregnancy - Launching Your Delivery Process

 Pregnancy exercise may sound familiar to some women. Yes, in fact, pregnancy exercise is an activity that recently recommended the routine performed by gynecologists for women who are pregnant. Why pregnancy exercise is recommended? This relates to the benefits that are owned by the pregnancy exercise.

Pregnancy is a dream for every woman who is already ready physically and mentally. In fact, there is also willing pregnant women in a way that is not common. Such as IVF programs recently have started to bloom. Regardless, pregnancy is indeed a gift from God, to keep her pregnancy a variety of efforts have been undertaken, including this pregnancy exercise.

Pregnant women who have not been accustomed to doing pregnancy exercise must be pretty familiar with the movements and even its name. Imagine how movements certainly makes pains. With a large belly, while the body should be moved plus foot position sometimes open to make sure you are in pain imagine.

In fact, pregnancy exercise actually good for the health of the fetus and pregnant women. Information on pregnancy exercise would be even easier you get. Enlist the help of an expert or join in an activity club that pregnancy exercise exercise during pregnancy you feel more secure and comfortable.

Great desire of pregnancy will usually be balanced with efforts to maintain the pregnancy. Eating nutritious food, adequate rest, and regular exercise performed by pregnant women, is an ideal activity undertaken by pregnant women. The usual type of exercise recommended in pregnant women is pregnancy exercise.

Exercise for pregnant women sounds and looks risky. However, the reality is actually a good exercise for the health of the mother and fetus. This also actually advised by health experts, health experts that focus primarily on women and pregnancy problems. Therefore, pregnant gymnastics is a sport that is quite fitting for pregnant women.

The recommended type of exercise is not strenuous sports that require excessive force, but the kind of light exercise is less likely to require great strength. Walking, cycling, and swimming, are two common types of sports do pregnant women. If you get bored with it and the two sports require variation, pregnancy exercise could be an option.

Pregnancy exercise is usually recommended to be performed when the pregnancy has reached the age of 6 months upwards. At the age of 6 months of pregnancy has been stepped up, the fetus in the womb is considered to be more powerful that the possibility of a variety of risk occurs when the smaller gymnastics.

Pregnant women should always maintain health and fitness. Adequate rest, eating nutritious food, and exercise, can make a pregnant woman's body becomes stronger. Although she is pregnant, a variety of daily routine is not disrupted. Maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is also believed to make the body more prepared when facing labor.

The gestation period is a tough time, on one hand you have to keep the pregnancy while doing everyday activities, but on the other hand it makes your pregnancy is not the spirit and feel too tired to do a variety of activities. Pregnancy exercise can be one of the efforts in maintaining the immune system.

Benefits of Gymnastics Pregnant

Exercise performed during pregnancy, especially pregnancy exercise, have considerable benefits. If done regularly and according to the rules, pregnancy exercise can expedite the process of birth. Logically, the more you are moving the body, the more "flexible" was your limbs.

Benefits after delivery will be felt. Childbirth is a process of "break away" from the excruciating pain. Familiarize pregnancy exercise early on will help reduce pain in childbirth until after delivery. Pregnancy exercise will make certain parts of your body that supports the delivery process is not too stiff.

Pregnancy exercise can also help stimulate the heart and muscles during childbirth to be more able to "compromise". Supply of oxygen in the lungs would be much more, that will smooth and improve the blood circulation at the time of delivery.

Pregnancy exercise movements is identical with the range of motion stretching. This can help flex and add strength to the muscles that play a role in the birth process. Especially, vagina and pelvic muscles. As has been mentioned above.

Pregnancy exercise can also be done by way of yoga or meditation. Secondly it is very helpful in training to catch his breath and the rhythm of breathing during labor, also provides peace or reduce nervousness during labor.

Nervousness during childbirth pointed out as the main cause of the pain during delivery. When you are nervous, it is not so sakitpun will suddenly felt very sick. Nervousness will only give you unrealistic fears. Practicing yoga and meditation in the series of pregnancy exercise will help you to be more calm about childbirth.

Pregnant Gymnastic Movement

Pregnancy exercise is recommended by many doctors or experts in the womb. Therefore pregnancy exercise has been carried out by many maternity hospitals. Pregnancy exercise held by certain parties involved biasanye instructors who will help you to exercise.

However, if the time you have not too much, doing pregnancy exercise itself was not a problem. As long as you follow the procedures and pregnancy exercise that right, you will feel the benefits of the pregnancy exercise. The following are the movements are usually done in pregnancy exercise.

  • Position your body in a state of sitting cross-legged and upright. Try to keep the body in a relaxed state.
  • Once is quite relaxed, put the body in a state like crawling. Align your shoulders, arms and legs. Repeat up and down while deflating the stomach and relaxes muscles. Do it over and over until a maximum of 8 times.
  • Still on all fours, lowering the body until the chest touches the floor and elbows open. Tolehkan head to the left and right turns so that you become like the position of the middle menungging. Hold for a few minutes, adjust to your strengths.
  • Continue to lay tilted to the left. Put your right knee in front of the left knee, then bend. Second hand position in different circumstances. Right arm bent forward, while the left arm folding to the rear.
  • The next position to the right lay with the position of both arms and legs bent. Use a pillow to the head and stomach, so the stomach comfortably. Calm yourself and set breathing.
  • Position your body in a state of supine. Put your hands between the calf and the dangers, then remove from heat. Up and down your legs while breathing through the mouth, and remove with a closed mouth and straining.

Perform a series of simple movements as much as 3 to 4 times in a week. Pregnancy exercise a long time to adjust to your strengths. Do not force it if you already feel tired bodies.

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